BellSouth - ATT/Bell South,11days no service and counting


Called for service on home phone,told it would be 6,days before they would come.They set a time 8am-6pm 6 days later,stayed home all day,didn't show or call!Called superviser who was rude and said they would be out day 7,no show,called again,day 8,couldn't find phone lines,said would fix day 9,still no phone,no answering machine or out of order recording!Been a customer with them for 12 years,had it,changing to sprint and will save $50!In all spoke to supervisers 3 times and they were rude 2 out of 3 times.Still no ATT fix.After it is repaired we are changing all our info over!

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BellSouth - Bad mattrerss set


I purchsed a full mattress set from you store at 3900 Northwest Federal Highway in Jensen Beach, Fl. Shortly after receiving this set, we had family visit. Adults could not sleep on the set. I called the manager and he advised that a test to determine if the mattress was defective could be preformed. We were never told how to preform this test even after we called numerous times. The cost of this set was in the $500.00 doller range and at least one person should be able to sleep on this set. No way. Please help resolve this problem.

Paul Davis


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BellSouth - ATT/Switching Back from Comcast


I ordered the Comcast Triple Play for $99 for my internet, cable and telephone with long distance. I had all sorts of issues with my land telephone line.

I tried to reconnect back to ATT but they inquire as to how much I was paying then they counter offer with an amount of $103.00 and a $200 rebate. What a joke! if you want to win someone back, you should offer less and a better plan. The most astounding part is they requires to pull your credit to switch you back.

I am staying with Comcast, the kinks have been ironed out.

There should have been a disclosure comment along with the time you are phone autorizing of switching. Beware!

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BellSouth - Rude

Not resolved

this is the worst collection people i have ever talked to. they are so rude and unhelpful.where do u people hire your employees at ,cause you might want to find some new helpful employees..

i called them back to ask questions and the man i spoke with was very rude to me because i wasnt paying the bill right then.

someone in my family got my social number and ran a bill up on me. im sorry folks but i dont have money falling off my trees at my house. i just wanted some answers about what was going on.

Monetary Loss: $184.

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BellSouth - Renewed my contract without my knowledge

Not resolved

I had a receiver that quit working. Called Directv to get one that worked.

Much to my dismay, they renewed my contract. I was moving to another area that offered a bundle package with Dish TV. I had already fulfilled my contract with Directv, so I thought no problem. After being in my new house for 30 days I get a bill from Directv for 362.95 for "early cancelltion fee".

Imagine my surprise when I was told that when they told me that when they sent me a receiver that worked they renewed my contract.

After trying to resolve this problem on my own, I have turned it over to the Attorney Generals Office of NC. I am hoping to get this resolved before Directv turns it over to collections, however I got a letter yesterday from their collections department.

Monetary Loss: $362.

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BellSouth - Improper Billing and no response

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Not resolved

I have a houseboat where I used to have telephone service. Sometime in winter 2004 I put my phone in suspension for the off season to retain my phone number. I left it in suspension for over a year due to other circumstances.

In the Spring of 2005 the houseboat dock that had the telephone wiring installed was torn down and I was moved to a new dock and I decided not to have telephone service any more since i wasn't going to be there much. I called bell South to cancel my phone service altogether. Sometime later I was billed for the reinstatement of my service. I made calls and sent notes on bills asking them to please straighten this out, since the new dock did not even have wiring for Bell South service. I also asked for invoices showing dates and services rendered. (I had only received statements). Bell South ignored all my requests and continued to bill me, and started sending the bill to collection agencies. I continued to send written explanations to collection agencies to no avail and now my credit rating has been reduced because of this.

I am so mad I want to sue these people for damages even if it costs more than the $150 bill. It is not the first time I have seen big companies try to extort money from people using the credit-report-leverage and by making themselves impossible to communicate with.

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You should sue, but in your state's Small Claims court. Once you obtain a judgement, have the judgement information presented to the credit reporting angencies for a correction to the reports. This would also provide a defense against any future attempts by them to collect the debt.

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